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Nestled on the banks of Rio Negro, the capital city of State of Amazonas, Manaus is one of the most naturally rich conurbations of the world and probably one of the most visited destinations in Brazil. Imagine a getaway to the destination that is surrounded by miles stretch of jungles and fauna, giving a glimpse of what Mother Nature have preserved under its cloak. Take flights to Manaus and either stroll around the modern city of Manaus or get going into the wilds to explore an infinite range of flora and faunas by foot or by rivers. Although the city have never been an ideal tourist destination such as sister cities Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, yet you will find thousands of nature lovers strolling around for some groceries and packing their bags for their next jungle expedition.

Take cheap Manaus flights and explore not only the fascinating stretch of forests, but also a remarkable wealth of cultural and lifestyle attractions such as Teatro Amazonas, Espaco Cultural Largo de Sao Sebastiao, Arquipelago de Anavilhanas, Museu da Amazonia, Manauara Shopping, Ponta Negra Beach, Museu do Seringal Vila Paraiso, Arena Amazonia, Manaus Botanical Garden, Meeting of Waters, Parque Ecologico Januari, Church of Sao Sebastiao e Sao Francisco de Assis, Monumento a Abertura dos Portos as Nacoes Amigas, Bosque da Ciencia, Palacio Rio Negro, CIGS Zoo, Adolpho Lisboa Municipal Market, Cultural Centre of the Peoples of the Amazon and nearly a few hundreds more places, giving an insight about the flora, fauna, heritage, lifestyle, art, culture and modern traditions of Manaus.

Take cheap Manaus flights from SmartFares and understand the vividness and diversity of Mother Nature while exploring one of the biggest rainforests of the world in the surroundings of this bewitching metropolis featured with every amenity and service you require. So, are you ready for some jungle safari and looking forward to a magnificent natural expedition? Then book your tickets to Manaus with SmartFares right now and cage great deals on flights and our special offers on airfares.

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