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Argentina is a country in South America, located towards its southern tip, which is famous for its tango dance, the pampas, national soccer team, the famous subversive Che Guevara and a huge variety of landscapes. The capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires that happens to be the fourth biggest city on the planet. Cemeteries, Memorials, treks and the nature & wildlife make the country a wonderful place for spending a long vacation. The major places that can be explored while being here include Parque Nacional Iguazu, Los Glaciares Park, Perito Moreno Glacier, Casa Rosada etc.

You can also enjoy ice treks in the Glacier National Park and Torres del Paine and witness the End of Earth. The breathtaking beauty of this place will make you feel amazing and you will love to spend some more time here. Plan a trip soon to enjoy your pending holiday and lose yourself in the lap of the nature. Book your flight with SmartFares to get the best airfare deals to Argentina.

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