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Off the coasts of the Yellow Sea and on the shoulders of Liaodong Peninsula, the crown jewel of Liaoning region, Dalian is one of the peaceful and zealous city, renowned for being among the well-organized and calm cities in the China. Often compared with many historical cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Xian, the city of Dalian has adapted the heritage of China and is only a 100-year old. Being highly affected by the invaders during the colonial era, the Hong Kong of the north in Southeast Asia, Dalian has developed a fantastic variety of cultures. Hence, travelers taking flights to Dalian can easily experience the cultural diversity in this magnificent city.

Explore the modern lifestyle, bewitching bars, tranquillizing heritage sites and fabulous marketplaces by taking cheap flights to Dalian and visit Xinghai Square, Dalian Forest Zoo, Dalian Zhongshan Square, Labor Park, Ji Di Guan, Dalian People Square, Laohutan Scenic Park, Sun Asia Ocean World and hundreds of other exquisite sites that are equally indulging and showcases the variety available in the Dalian.

Plan a getaway to the southern tip of China by taking cheap flights to Dalian and explore the magnificent range of attractions while covering the fantastic natural landscapes like Grand Black Mountain. The next time you have a plan to visit Asian region, do opt for Dalian flight deals from SmartFares and start saving on your travel expenses with discounted fares and exclusive offers on flight deals.

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