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Jinan is a sprawling city in China that happens to bet the capital city of Shandong province of China. Nicknamed as the ‘City of Springs’, it is a famous tourist destination with numerous mountains, lakes and natural springs.

Jinan is a beautiful destination with a treasure of rich cultural heritage. Its charming beauty and flawless grace captivates the eyes of many visitors. A trip to Jinan can never be complete without exploring its major attractions that include the Daming Lake, Lingyan Temple, Thousand Buddha Mountain, Shandong Museum, Jinan Zoo, Four Gates Pagoda, Baotu Spring Park, Black Tiger Spring, Five-Dragon Pool, Hongye Valley, Quancheng Square, etc. There is a lot more to be seen, so book a cheap flight to Jinan soon and fly to this wonderland to know about its ancient history, alluring beauty and stunning elegance. Take your travel buddies along to make the most of your vacation.

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