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Nanchang is a city in southeastern China, along the Ganjiang River, which is known for its beautiful natural and cultural heritage. It is the capital of the Jiangxi Province and is surrounded by Jiuling Mountains in the west and Poyang Lake in the east. The scenic beauty and the historical sites make Nanchang a wonderful destination to be at.

Nanchang is a small yet beautiful city with a large number of parks, gardens and cultural sites that are going to steal your heart away. This developing and modern city has a wide range of places to discover, that include the Lushan National Park, Dragon and Tiger Mountain, Mt. Jinggang, Poyang Lake, Nanchang Folk Custom Museum, Pavilion of Prince Teng, Badashanren Memorial Hall, Jiangxi Provincial Museum, Star of Nanchang, Mingyue Mountain, Tianxiang Park, Shengjin Tower, etc. A lot more can be explored by booking a cheap flight to Nanchang soon. Take your friends, family or best buddies along to make the most of your visit to this alluring city.

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