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Located off-the-coasts of the Cameroon, under the borders of the Equatorial Guinea, the pleasant and thriving destination of Malabo is the capital of Equatorial Guinea and among the most culturally and historically rich cities within the country. Located at the shores of the Gulf of Guinea, Malabo have been among the most underrated destinations for being overshadowed by many other outstanding destinations of the Gulf of Guinea including Lome, Lagos, Accra and more. However, recent interest of exploring offbeat destinations have brought the city among people and tourists have begun to take flights to Malabo from around the world and discover the enticing beaches, spellbinding colonial architectures and much more in this exquisite capital of EG.

Take cheap Malabo flights and enjoy visiting a calm, pleasant, tranquilizing and spellbinding city of the Western Africa whilst visiting an exquisite, extensive and charming range of attractions such as Catedral de Santa Isabel, La Casa Verde, Iglesia de San Fernando, Nuevo Estadio de Malabo, Universidad Nacional de Guinea Ecuatorial, Cementerio and many more places that have been keeping the rich heritage and cultural values intact in this charming and small city of Equatorial Guinea. Although, most of the tourists tend to enjoy visiting popular sites in a city, but when it comes to Malabo, exploring sites will not be as enjoyable as strolling down the charming and romantic roads of the city.

Take cheap Malabo flights from SmartFares right now and have a blissful vacation with the person you love the most whilst exploring this small and dreamy destination, filled with nothing but happiness and charming aura. So, if you have been thinking to visit a place where you don't find any distractions and get the chance to spend the best time with your love, then book your flights to Malabo with SmartFares today and have an enjoyable vacation with great savings through our wide array of travel deals and offers available online.

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