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A city that has been renowned for being a fabulous mix of African culture and magnificent Italian architecture, Asmara or commonly known as Asmera is the capital city of the Eritrea and have been playing the role of tourist beacon in the nation with its utter beauty of heritage, culture and tremendous natural outskirts. With a rapid pace of development and captivating lifestyle, the city have been capable enough to draw the attention of thousands of travelers visiting here after boarding flights to Asmara from around the world throughout the year and discovering myriad dimensions and attributes covering this landlocked capital.

Take cheap Asmara flights and have a pleasant trip while tagging along the people you love the most and explore a fascinating array of remarkable attractions including Sembel Archaeological Site, Vegetable Market, Debre Bizen, Denkalya Desert, Cinema Roma, Medebar Market, Al Rashiudin Mosque, Cimitero Italiano Di Asmara, Liberation Avenue, Cathedral of Asmara, Bethel Kale Hiwot Church, Asmara Central Market, Tank Graveyard, Synagogue of Asmara, Asmara Opera House, Cattedrale Copta Di Asmara, National Museum Asmara, Mariam Orthodox Church, Fiat Tagliero and many more places that are the symbol of rich history, extremely gorgeous nature scene, incredible cityscape, cultural harmony and much more. Being the capital of the nation, the city have been receiving both business and leisure travelers and offering them a variety of experiences with some fantastic delights to savor both mind and body.

Take cheap Asmara flights and enjoy an awesome escape to the beautiful lands of Eritrea whilst enjoying some pleasant time admiring the Italian architecture and spirit of Africa on the streets. So, if you have been thinking to escape on the beautiful African continent and looking for a destination that is yet to be explored by many voyagers, then book your flights to Asmara with SmartFares right now and bag some handsome discounts by using our myriad deals and offers available online.

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