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An absolute natural delight nestled at the southern coasts of the South America adjacent to Antarctic region, Falkland Islands is an archipelago country known for its rich fauna and pleasant flora and natural landscapes. Home of many rare birds and fabulous surroundings, Falkland Islands gives the most stunning travel experience to the voyagers taking flights to Falkland Islands from across the world to experience the Antarctic lifestyle and pleasant beauty of nature. Featuring ample of birds, animals and natural delights, this incredible island consists of two major islands along with a few hundreds of small lands scattered around. Explore the beautiful and rare fauna here with a vividness of five different types of penguins and many other birds.

Take cheap Falkland Islands flights and feel the pleasure of this surreal, pleasant and picturesque archipelago comprising a limited known yet beautiful range of attractions such as Volunteer Point, Bluff Cove Lagoon, Falkland Islands Museum, Gypsy Cove, Christ Church Cathedral, Whalebone Arch, 1982 Liberation Memorial, Museum Britannia House, St. Mary s Catholic Church, Battle Memorial, Saunders Island, Mount Longdon, Surf Bay, Bleaker Island and a few dozens more beautiful places that are ideal to understand the heritage, natural versatility, culture and art consisting in this part of the world. Although the ancestry of the region isn't that impressive, yet if you are into the cultural exploration by any chance, you will find the place quite an amazing delight.

Take cheap Falkland Islands flights from SmartFares and enjoy a beautiful beach escape with more than the resort delights and water sports. An archipelago region consisting vivid sorts of birds and faunas, this part of the world is quite unseen and unexplored. Hence you will enjoy the purity of nature along with many sights that are unbelievably beautiful. So, if you find the place interesting enough to make your next getaway destination, book your tickets to Falkland Islands with SmartFares this instant and enjoy huge savings through our special offers on family travel.

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