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A laid-back resort city in the Guerrero province of Mexico and ideally located on Pacific Coasts, known as the "Pearl of the Pacific", the magnificent bay city of Acapulco is among the most thriving and fascinating destinations in the North America. The lively atmosphere of the city with tons of visitors taking flights to Acapulco every day, and an enormous variety of attractions, you can have a complete package of beach holidays, family vacations and adventurous escapes in one of the most thriving cities of Central America.

Take a trip to Acapulco and explore the infinite range of attractions including La Quebrada, El Fuerte de San Diego, Punta Diamante, Barra Vieja Beach, Costera, Mural Diego Rivera, Isla La Roqueta, Playa Condesa, Bahia de Puerto Marques and Playa Pie de la Cuesta that are the biggest natural attractions in the city and possesses a bewitching beauty of nature with fresh aura. If you are done with the beaches and looking for some insight about Acapulco, you can take a walk around Old Acapulco district, which has a number of heritage, cultural and religious sites and is a renowned tour to have on a trip to Acapulco.

Plan your trip to Acapulco and make an escape to the Pacific Coasts and gift a pleasure to your body, mind and soul with an exposure of the absolute natural bliss in Acapulco. Chalk your travel to Acapulco now with budget travel deals of SmartFares and enjoy a happening trip whilst saving big.

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