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The capital as well as the largest city of the Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby is wedged amidst hills and the Gulf of Papua and is offering the most spellbinding experience to the voyagers taking flights to Port Moresby for the very first time to discover the most enthralling port city of the region. Despite being a lesser known city and mostly acknowledged for its crime rate, Port Moresby has a different aspect that has been attracting thousands of tourists each month from across the world. If you can surpass the highlighted hard reputation, you will find ample of scenic delights that are awaited to be explored by voyagers. Discover the exquisite cultural diversity, rich heritage and delightful culinary scene of the capital city of Papua New Guinea while visiting the most prominent landscapes of the city.

Take cheap Port Moresby flights and explore a small yet exclusive range of attractions comprising heritage sites, cultural landmarks, museums and galleries, marketplaces and so much more. Discover the enthralling beauty of Port Moresby by going for must visit attractions like Bomana War Cemetery, Port Moresby Nature Park, National Parliament House, Adventure Park PNG, National Museum and Art Gallery, Varirata National Park, National Orchid Garden, Port Moresby Mosque, Rouna Falls, Idler's Beach, Vision City Mega Mall, Saint Mary's Catholic Cathedral, Brown River, United Church and nearly a dozen more fascinating places filled with myriad features and attractive aspects of the city.

Take cheap Port Moresby flights from SmartFares and explore the fascinating capital of Papua New Guinea which was initially discovered in 1873 by a European Naval Officer Captain John Moresby. Explore the beautiful variety of both natural and worldly attraction while strolling around the remarkable landmarks and points of interest. So, if you are looking for a getaway to the bustling streets of Papua New Guinea, then quickly pack your bags and book your tickets to Port Moresby with SmartFares and explore our exquisite variety of travel deals and special offers on flight trips.

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