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A captivating Tunisian island wedged between the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea and Boughrara Gulf, Djerba is one of the most prominent and significant destinations of the country, known for its picturesque Mediterranean beaches and tranquilizing cityscape. As a prominent getaway destination that has been witnessing tourists taking flights to Djerba from around the world, this island conurbation is the home of many astonishing attributes that includes but are not limited to handicrafts, arts, culture, history, lifestyle, architecture and so much more. Despite its small size, this small island on the Mediterranean Sea has been an alluring place for voyagers from all age group and has been giving a great delight to business travelers.

Take cheap Djerba flights and have an awe-inspiring getaway experience at this fabulously admirable destination whilst exploring an abundant variety of fascinating attractions including Ksar ben Ayed, Sidi Yati Mosque, Pinacotheque Palm Beach Palace, Borj El Kebir, L'Eglise Saint-Joseph, Fort de Borj El Kastil, Cave of Ali Berbere , Jama Fadloud, Dar Jilani La maison des Arts, Fort Ghazi Mustapha, Sentido Djerba Beach, Lalla Hadria Museum, El Ghriba Synagogue, Djerba Explore, Guellala Museum, Djerbahood, Krokodilfarm Animalia, Patrimoine Traditionnel Djerbien Musee, Quad Evasion et Passion, Fine Art Gallery, Houmt Souk Market, Phare de Taguermess and many more sites that have been a treasure of history, culture, art, traditions and natural bliss as well as a treat to the people visiting and exploring the bewitching lands of Tunisia.

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