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Tourists have never considered Maracaibo a destination to visit due to highly industrial suburbs and the epicenter of oil production in the nation. However, if you have ever taken flights to Maracaibo and have been to this beautiful capital of Zulia state, you will find the city even more enthralling than most of the cities in Venezuela as Maracaibo comprises beautiful suburbs, luxurious accommodation options, market places, bars, gourmet scene and more. Probably one of the safest getaway options in the South America, Maracaibo is majorly visited by the business travelers and often considered a dull city with nothing adventures except for the dining and drinking options.

Take cheap Maracaibo flights and explore the colonial heritage of this city that is easily accessible in the old district and offer a deep insight about the culture and heritage of the city. Attractions like Basilica Nuestra Senora de Chiquinquira, La vereda del lago Maracaibo, Puente Rafael Urdaneta, Plaza del Rosario de Nuestra Senora de Chiquinquira, Contemporary Art Museum Lia Bermudez, Calle Carabobo, Teatro Baralt, Barrio y Templo Santa Lucia, Aguamania, aquaventurapark, Tranvia de Maracaibo, Jardin Botanico de Maracaibo, Palacio de Eventos, Castillo de San Carlos de la Barra, Catedral San Pedro y San Pablo, Plaza del Buen Maestro and a handful more places are the place that will keep you indulged for a very long time and offer you a chance to dig inside the heritage of this pleasant oil producer of Venezuela.

Take cheap Maracaibo flights from SmartFares right now and enjoy a tempting getaway to the naturally nourishing lands of Venezuela while discovering a colonial heritage deriving this adorable oil producing into a world-class destination. So, if you are up for a business trip to this part of the world or have some voyaging plans in Venezuela, book your tickets to Maracaibo with SmartFares right now and save a lot through our exciting range of airfares and special offers on travel deals.

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