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Sana'a is the capital city of Yemen, which is known for its ancient architectures, old cities, mountains and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Home to several age old buildings and parks, it is a wonderful city that happens to be the political and financial center of the country. It is the world’s oldest city with contrast of various civilizations and cultures.

Being the oldest city in the world, it has a hub of a large number of historical and archaeological sites that will make you wonder in surprise. While planning a trip to Sana’a, do not forget to add a few places to your list, which include the Ghumdan Palace, Aden, Hadda Mountain, Al Hudaydah, Great Mosque of Sana'a, National Museum, Qalansiyah Beach, Delisha Beach, Skand Peak, Old City of Sana’a, Bab al-Yemen, Dar al-Hajar, Al Saleh Mosque, etc. Wadi Dirhur Canyon, etc. There is a lot more to be discovered, book a cheap flight to Sana’a and explore the majestic charm of this beautiful city yourself.

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